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Couture, Couture

What is Haute Couture? Good question. It seems to be a different world that only certain people can enter. Twice a year, paris holds Haute Couture Fashion Week where only the ‘private club’ and fashion editors attend. The ‘private club’ is a group of women who buy these Haute Couture (or made to order) pieces from designers with extreme attention to detail. Prices range from €20,000 to €200,000, but if you are thin enough to fit into the sample size, you get a 30% discount. As the private club say, “if your not rich, you dont understand”. “It’s like wearing a second skin”. “Once you start, you wont wear anything else”. With Haute Couture Fashion Week starting tomorrow, I wanted to know more about these private members and how they buy these extravagant pieces. Some have agreed to be interviewed for the documentary ‘The Secret World Of Haute Couture”. So here it is.


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