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Hi from Dublin, Ireland….Loooove Fashion….Spend way too much time flipping through Vogue instead of school books. Love Life. Bow ties and cutting edge fashion. GAVIN NORTON STYLE is an online blog for anyone interested in fashion and open to informing evolving style in international fashion… showcasing the most desirable pieces from the best collections and up and coming graduates and designers. I welcome you to GAVIN NORTON STYLE. Please subscribe and let me know your comments.

18 Responses

  1. Jean in Dublin, Ireland says:

    Great idea Gavin. Love your style and look forward to hearing all your opinions on trends etc.

  2. Hiya,
    I’m with Mairead in Raheny, just handed in my Junior Cert Project.. Tones and Textures in Nature; Influence on Fashion and Costume ! I told her I got a week work experience with Kiss magazine for next year and she said that, “That’s great, yeah Gavin is in Kiss at the moment” I didn’t know who you were until I bought Kiss yesterday and was flicking through when I saw “Readers Reveal All, I went to London Fashion Week 16 year old Gavin Norton…” haha ! I’m hoping I have the right Gavin cos I haven’t talked to Mairead yet ! And then I was looking on Google hoping to find out about getting work experience with Philip Treacy and then I searched John Rocha and you popped up AGAIN 🙂 Anyways I’m just up the road in Howth and I looove anything wacky and flamboyant 🙂 and i’d love to hear about your work experience etc.. haven’t checked about facebook, but i do have facebook, maybe to have the chats sometime !
    Vivienne x

    • Gavin Norton says:

      Haha yes you have the right Gavin! Yeah it was really cool being in Kiss…everyone has seen it 😛 how did mairead find out? You should get work experience with John Rocha it was really really good. You can add me on facebook and we can talk about work experience, etc..


      • I’m not sure how she found out she just told me ! Yeah I really want to, I’m not home at the moment but when I get home I’ll be phoning everywhere and sending emails etc , i should really study .. :L I’ve added you now 🙂 thanks and i was reading your blog and i love it , its really good !
        Vivienne x

  3. Ann says:

    wow, gavin i dont know you, but this blog is amazing! and i couldnt let it go without telling you.. you will go far, and i really hope you make it in the fashion industry for sure!

  4. Rachel. says:

    i am big into fashion blogs, and this is honestly one of the best i’ve seen.
    keep it up GN, i’ll look out for you in coming years.

  5. Juliana says:

    Gavin, you little fashion genius, you! Love the blog dahling!


  6. Tara says:

    Hi Gavin
    Just checked out your blog your not the only one who is looking at pretty things when you should be work.
    Great job, love the pics your inspiring me for next season!
    Ms O’ D

  7. holly says:

    gavin this blog is amazing! love it so much your so talented! love you :* xxx

  8. A Prizeman says:

    Hey Gavin,

    LOVE the blog.Can’t believe you’ve got so much going on in this blog – it’s really dynamic.
    As for all the feathers on celebs – inspired by ‘Black Swan’?
    Well done you!

  9. Sian says:

    Hi there,

    My little brother’s in your year, his name is Rory, and you’ve also been shot by my friend Stephen from Stitches Fabric And Soul!

    Love the blog. From all I’ve heard about your amazing personal style, I’d absolutely love to see some personal outfit posts on here too.

    I’m sure we’ll come across each other at some point!

    Sian. x

  10. Hi Gavin, I read about your work experience and trip to London Fashion Week in KISS and it sounded amazing! I’m looking for work experience next year and i would looove to work in john rocha’s too:) Could you tell me how you got the work there did you go for an interview or just e-mail them or something? I love your blog too btw 😀
    Sinead 🙂

  11. Amazing Blog! I’m impressed with the fashion selections and of course, will continue to visit again..

  12. melanieclarke says:

    Love the blog Gavin,I’m lucky to have you as my personal stylist 😉 xxx

  13. Una says:

    Great Blog Gavin, I love your style and delighted I can get updates at the office (maybe I should keep that quiet :)) look forward to following you and best of luck with your future career and life though I think you’ll be very successful x

  14. Charlotte says:

    I saw you in Style magazine and am now slightly in love. Keep being you 🙂

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