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London 2012

London…..the word even gets me excited! The past four weeks I spent in London working for Harper’s Bazaar made me realise it is the place for me.  The vibe, the people, the atmosphere, the FASHION! The street is a runway in London, even the tube is like a fashion show. People just do not care about what people think or how they may be perceived. It’s all about how the clothes make YOU feel. That’s the way fashion should be. There is also the excitement of London’s up and coming designers (Saunders, Kane, Erdem, Katrantzou, etc) which is as big as the excitement for the Olympics. They are the future of fashion and there is no better place to start than London.


– A fashion that does not reach the street is not a fashion – Coco Chanel



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Girl Panic!

Duran Duran, one of the coolest rock bands in the world, has forever been noticed for the models they put in their music video’s. From ‘Girls On Film’ to ‘Notorious’, back up dancers have always been pushed aside by the model. This time they have returned with yet another model filled video, but to our delight they have taken it to the max. Instead of starring in their own music video, the cast of Duran Duran have been replaced by SUPERmodels. Naomi Campbell as Simon Le Bon (vocals), Helena Christensen as Rodger Taylor (drums), Cindy Crawford as John Taylor (bass), Yasmin Le Bon as the guitarist and Eva Herizgova as Nick Rhodes (keyboards). The video follows the girls as they release their new album, make the music video and pose in Dolce and Gabbana for the cover of Harpers Bazaar. Watch the video here as you follow these fabulous models and their fabulous rock star lives, dressed in the most exspensive outfits from the Fall/Winter 2011 runway.

Here they are on the cover for the December issue of Harpers Bazaar out now.

Harper's Bazaar December issue


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Alessandra Rich

New designer alert! Alessandra Rich may have only recently launched her label, but she has already proved to be a high fashion goddess for women. Rich uses rare but distinctive shapes with her cothes “establishing new codes for ready-to-wear fashion”. Exaggerating the waist is a key style used throughout her collections. You can find her pieces on that have appeared in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar. Things are looking up for this newly bred designer.

Spring/Summer 2011


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